Terraine, John.


Batsford, 2nd imp., 1960. 224 pp., several photo & other plates + 5 maps. D.j., 22 x 15cm. Nr.FINE. The Battle of Mons was initially a defeat that was saved from disaster by the courage of the soldiers and the skill of some of the commanders in the field. It paved the way to great feats of arms and final success. The importance of this book lies not only its vivid re-creation of the actual fighting for which excellent use has been made of first-hand accounts; but even more valuable is the author’s appreciation of the characters and conduct of the commanders and strategists of the three armies: Kitchener, French, Haig and Smith-Dorrien on the British side; Joffre, Lanrezac, Maunoury and Franchet d’Esperey on the French; and von Schlieffen, von Moltke, von Kluck and von Bulow on the German.

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