Macksey, Major K.


1st ed., 1980. 223 pp., 12 maps + plates + a diagram. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Invasion is a unique re-investigation of the forces, resources and options open to both England and Germany in the fateful summer of 1940. Judging from Germany's overwhelming military power and England's isolation and vulnerability, the author concludes that had Operation Sealion been launched in July, its success would have been a virtual certainty. Indeed, had Hitler accepted Kesselring's advice to invade Britain soon after Dunkirk (during the period considered by British Intelligence to be the most dangerous), the events described in this book might well have happened and the tide of history altered forever. Carefully researched from plans that actually existed at the time, these events ' and the ensuing land, air and sea conflict that reaches its climax at the pivotal battle of Maidstone ' are at the heart of this gripping tale of Britain's final hours.

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