Carstairs, Carroll.


The Fourteen-Eighteen Collection, Stevenage, new ed., 1989. Xxxv + 240 pp. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. By claiming he was a Canadian, the American author obtained a commission in the British army long before the United States of America had joined the war in 1917. The author served with the Royal Artillery and 3rd Grenadier Guards on the Western Front. Steadily, his friends and companions of the front line were killed and writing as an outsider and survivor, his portraits of them and of himself are as members of A Generation Missing, the title he chose for his war memoirs first published in 1930. The author gained the M.C. and was severely wounded only six days before the Armistice ; he died in New York in 1948. This new edition of his much admired war memoir contains a specially commissioned introduction and chapter notes to set his writing it its proper historical context.

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