Carew, Tim.


1st ed., 1974. Viii + 230 pp., photo & other plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Tape marks to inside flaps of d.j., & e.p.'s ; owner's details to top corner of f.f.e.p., o/w V.G. The first battle of Ypres ' or Wipers as it came to be known with bitterness by the British troops ' sounded the death knell of the British Expeditionary Force. The clash with the Germans was accidental but nonetheless horrific. There was massive slaughter and no result. The author gives a vivid and terrifying picture of this extraordinary struggle and of the extreme gallantry of the BEF who were weaker than their enemy and not blessed with the most brilliant commanders. This story is based upon the eye-witness accounts of the ordinary soldiers in the trenches who time over gave ground, recaptured it, then gave it again.

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