Bruce, Anthony.


1st ed., 1989. Viii + 424 pp., numerous photo-ills., + maps & plans. D.j., 25 x 19cm. Nr.FINE. This beautifully illustrated volume provides, for the first time, a full guide to every major facet of the Great War. All aspects are covered : land, sea and air battles, personalities, weapons and political events, as well as more unusual topics such as mutinies. The wartime careers of all the major leaders – military and political – are covered in depth, along with portraits of other leading figures. Considerable space is devoted to the rapidly evolving technology of war. Every important aircraft, ship, tank, artillery piece and small arm is described and many are illustrated. There are full accounts of the most significant battles on each front, many of which are accompanied by specially commissioned maps illustrating the lie of the land and the movement of troops. There are also details of the mobilisation of armies, casualties, the impact of propaganda and countless other subjects.

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