Ailsby, Christopher.


New ed., 2000. 224 pp., numerous photo-ills. D.j., 29 x 24cm. Tiny red dot to top of f.f.e.p., o/w Nr.FINE. Nazi Germany's Waffen-SS was one of the most brutal, fanatical and feared military organizations in history. It achieved some of the most stunning victories ever seen in the annals of warfare, but it also committed a catalogue of crimes. This is a pictorial record of the Waffen-SS before and during World War II. Containing over 400 photographs, most taken from private albums of former Waffen-SS soldiers which have never before been published, it includes all the battles and campaigns Waffen-SS units fought in during World War II, such as in Poland, France, and on the Eastern Front. The book recreates all the aspects of the Waffen-SS's war : the growth of the SS panzer divisions, their tactics on the battlefield, the recruitment and organization of Waffen-SS units, an examination of their weapons and equipment, and images of all the great Waffen-SS commanders. Also included is a chapter on the war crimes and atrocities of the Waffen-SS formations.

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