ROYAL NAVY HANDBOOK. VOLUME I : 1914-1918. VOLUME II : 1939-1945.

Wragg, David.


2 Vols., Stroud, 1st.eds., 2006 & 2005. Vol. I : Ix + 310 pp. Vol. II : Ix + 277 pp. Both volumes profusely illustrated with photographs ; both in d.j’s. 27 x 20cm. A FINE Set. These two handbooks begin with the Royal Navy of 1914 – then the largest navy in the world – and describes how the force adapted to the demands of a new kind of warfare, exploring along the way its command structure, major wartime engagements, and the roles of the new weapons – the submarine and the aircraft. Comprehensive appendices provide details of the main classes of warships as well as naval bases and stations at home and overseas ; plus details of ranks, insignia, medals, decorations, and the training of both officers and men. The second volume covers the Royal Navy of World War II with a brief history of its activities and main engagements, and providing the same features as in the first volume. Each volume contains over 150 archive photographs. FINE set.

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