Spont, Alfred.


Navy Records Society, 1st.ed., 1897. Xlviii + 219 pp., cold. frontis + 3 other plates. Blue/white buckram ; gold lettering to spine ; edges uncut. 24 x 16cm. Exceptional copy : FINE. Unlike his father before him, Henry VIII became decidedly involved in international politics and intrigues on the Continent. This book examines his naval campaigns of 1512-1513. Henry joined league with Pope Julius II and the King of Aragon (Ferdinand the Catholic) and made war against Louis XII of France. He appointed Sir Edward Howard as admiral of the fleet, and Howard cruised the Channel chasing and plundering every French ship he fell in with. He was so successful that the English became masters of the Channel and North Sea. Henry built on this success by attempting to recover Guyenne. A naval force of twenty ships was assembled and arrived in Berthram Bay where they fought and defeated the Bretons. However, due in part to Ferdinand’s treacherous behaviour, things did not go well thereafter and insubordination broke out. Further English naval cruisers and landings along the Brittany coast took place in 1513. These exciting events are described here in detail, based on contemporary letters and Documents. Unusually FINE copy.

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