Pollen, Arthur Hungerford.


2nd imp., Dec. 11, 1918 (first pub. Nov. 28, 1918). Vi. + 371 pp., guarded cold. frontis. + battle plans of Jutland (fldg.). Blue cloth ; gilt with a line of warships (gilt) head of front cover. 22 x 14cm. V.G. This important study examines naval policies and doctrines prior to 1914, in particular those concerning naval gunnery, fire control methods, and torpedo warfare. There is an account of the destruction of the K'NIGSBERG and EMDEN ; the battles of Coronel and the Falklands ; Dogger Bank ; Jutland and Zeebrugge. Arthur Pollen was head of the Linotype Company and had considerable interest and knowledge of naval gunnery. With the encouragement of Reginald Hall, Herbert Richmond, and other far-sighted top naval figures, Pollen invented a computerized system of fire control far beyond those possessed by any other navy. Fisher gave full support but the old guard at the Admiralty and in the Gunnery Branch prevented its introduction. Had the Royal Navy possessed this piece of equipment at Jutland in 1916, many argue that the outcome would have been far more decisive.

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