Koop, Gerhard. & Schmolke, Klaus-Peter.


ADMIRAL SCHEER ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE. London & Annapolis, 1st.Eng.lang.ed., 2000. 224 pp. Profusely illustrated with photographs, plans, maps & camouflage drawings. D.j., 26 x 20cm. Bookplate. FINE Translated from the German by Geoffrey Brooks, the authors provide a valuable reference book on the three German pocket battleships of the Second World War, with detailed statistical information, class development, career histories, etc. The GRAF SPEE scuttled herself in South American waters in 1939 after engaging British cruisers. Hitler did not wish a ship with the name of DEUTSCHLAND to be sunk and so she went out to attack Allied convoys under the name of L'TZOW and she too was scuttled ' in 1945 before she fell into Soviet hands. ADMIRAL SCHEER was sunk at Kiel in 1945 by the RAF and broken up under British naval supervision. Profusely illustrated. FINE copy.

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