Ireland, Bernard.


1st.ed., 1993. 224 pp., 67 photo-plates & 3 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. For a thousand days Allied and Axis armies battled for possession of the North African shores, each knowing the vital importance of victory. Their ability to be able to continue the fight depended on sea power and the all-important supply lines. Malta played a key role in this campaign, and from this base British submarines quietly slipped out into the Mediterranean to attack Rommel's supply line from Italy. In this account of the Mediterranean war, the author examines every aspect from the various offensive and counter-offensive measures - the fall of Tobruk and the victory at Alamein - to Operation Torch and the road to Tunis. Montgomery's defeat of Rommel's forces in the desert and the end of the conflict in North Africa, plus the Royal Navy's defeat of the Italian Navy, combined to ensure victory by 1943 for the Allies in this vital theatre of the war.

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