Harper, Rear-Admiral J. E. T.


Rep. May 1927 (first pub. earlier in 1927). 200 pp., 9 diagrams. Blue cloth ; gilt. 19 x 13cm. Gilt slightly chipped o/w V.G.+. As the controversy over the battle of Jutland in 1916 continued on through the 1920s, the author, who had been directed by Lord Wemyss to prepare what became known as the 'Harper Record' in 1919, stepped into the fray once again with this little volume. His objective being to outline the salient features of the battle, and to correct the misconceptions and misrepresentations that had sprung up almost as soon as the smoke of the guns had blown away. In his Introduction, Admiral Harper provides a useful chronology of the official moves concerning the publication of papers in the post-war era. In the book itself he provides a concise description of the various aspects of Jutland, and shows how the public has been misled by the distortion of 'official facts' published in the post-war era.

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