Hamilton, Admiral Sir R. Vesey. & Laughton, Prof. John Knox.


N.R.S., 1st.ed., 1906. Xxi + 287 + 4 pp. Blue/white buckram ; gilt lettering &c., edges uncut. 24 x 16cm. White buckram marked ; some wear to extremities of binding & tiny hole head of spine ; hinges starting but sound ; some foxing ; GOOD. Stamp of "Scientific Library, H.M.S. CAMBRIDGE + one other contemporary stamp. ( CAMBRIDGE was the Royal Navy's Gunnery Training Ship at Plymouth from 1856 to 1907 when it moved ashore. The last hulk to be used was built in 1857 as the VICTORIA, later renamed WINDSOR CASTLE. In 1869 she became CAMBRIDGE and was sold in June 1908. ) Personal and social naval recollections of an officer who lived through an interesting era in naval history. Commander James Anthony Gardner (1770/1-1846) begins his "Naval Recollections in Shreds and Patches with Strange Reflections Above and Under Hatches" in 1775 when no more than five years old. He was borne as his father's servant on the books of His Majesty's Ships BOREAS, CONQUEROR and AETNA, although he did not actually go to sea until 1782 in the PANTHER. Gardner witnessed the loss of the ROYAL GEORGE off Spithead, was present at Howe's relief of Gibraltar, and took part in the 'encounter' with the combined fleets of France and Spain off Cape Spartel in 1782. He went on to serve under many distinguished officers including John Leveson Gower, Samuel Barrington, Sir John Jervis, etc. Gardner saw service on the North American and Irish stations but his recollections are chiefly of interest in his lively and graphic descriptions of life in a wooden wall with his portraitures of universal drunkenness which often led to insanity ; the practical jokes played on shipmates ; the quarrels and fights which could lead to severe punishments ; his descriptions of men like Calder and Gower ; and his overall picture of the harsh but often amusing life aboard an 18th century man-o'-war.

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