Greenhill, Basil. & Hackman, John.


1st.ed., 1986. 190 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs, etc. D.j., 26 x 20cm. FINE. Between 1928 and 1939, Europe's last fleet of deep-water square-riggers raced back to Britain via Cape Horn with their cargoes of Australian grain ; their glory recorded in the books of Alan Villiers, etc. Most of these vessels were owned by Gustaf Erikson based in the 'land Islands in the Baltic. The authors study these barques in detail, examining their homeward races, and explain how the 'land Islands derived most of their wealth from a mode of carrier that most shipowners had long ago abandoned in favour of steam. The races may have had romantic connotations but in reality they were practised for hard economic reasons. The book is illustrated with a wealth of photographs.

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