Ballantyne, Iain.


Barnsley, 1st.ed., 2008. Xv + 304 pp., 48 photo-plates+ drawings. D.j. 24 x 17cm. Bookplate. FINE. The battleship RODNEY and her sistership NELSON were the Royal Navy's most up-to-date capital ships on the outbreak of war in 1939. The author recalls the career of the RODNEY from her inception during the 1920s, through her role in the Invergordon Mutiny, and her crucial naval engagements during World War II when her shells helped to reduce the mighty BISMARCK to twisted metal. The battleship went on to assist in the saving of Malta, and her heavy guns bombarded the coast to support the D-Day landings and broke the morale of Waffen SS divisions on the receiving end. Based on accounts from those who served aboard the ship, there are glimpses of her celebrated flag officers, new insights into the bomb damage she sustained off Norway in 1940 which almost sank her, and the role her sailors played in the first ever British commando raid.

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