Pitchfork, Graham.


Stroud, 1st ed., 2003. 274 pp., cold., photo-plates + numerous b&w photo-ills., + the odd map & ill. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Using as a starter point medal groups chosen for their unique combinations of gallantry and campaign awards, the author pays tribute to the bravery of twenty Allied airmen who flew combat operations during the Second World War. Encompassing a wide cross-section of operational roles, theatres, aircraft types and aircrew categories, the men behind the medals' experiences and actions are narrated in relation to the wider war. Included is a night-fighter crew, a pilot flying over the jungles of Burma, a navigator who took part in supply drops to Resistance movements and a pilot who landed agents at night in France. The air war at sea is seen through the experiences of a Beaufighter pilot and a Royal Navy observer who attacked the Italian Fleet at Taranto. From light bombers, to heavies, to reconnaissance aircraft and even a Royal Artillery pilot spotting for the guns at Cassino, a wide range of gallant experiences are recorded in this fascinating book.

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