Leeson, Frank M.


Air-Britain, 224 pp., numerous photo-ills., + some maps & plans. Pict., boards ; 30 x 21cm. FINE. Title-Page is Signed, along with their years of service dates, by 15 Squadron Members, 9 of whom served during the Second World War. This history of No. 213 Squadron – The Hornets – covers the first fifty years of its existence through the following chapters : Naval Origins 1916 – 1917 ; The RAF 1918 – 1919 ; With the B.E.F. In France ; Dunkirk ; The Battle of Britain, Exeter, No. 10 Group ; The Battle of Britain, Tangmere, No. 11 Group ; Farewell to England ; The Desert Air Force ; Victory in the Desert ; A Very Special Operation ; A Waiting Game ; The Balkan Air Force ; The Middle East ; The Second Allied Tactical Air Force. Appendices include : Battle Honours ; Commanding Officers ; Squadron Bases ; Squadron Aircraft ; Squadron Aircrew ; Account in Cypriot Press ; Copy of Blood Chit. In addition there is Author’s Note, Scrapbook and an Index. Profusely illustrated with photographs plus some maps and plans, this copy is of particular value because it has been Signed, along with their years of service dates, by fifteen former Squadron members, nine of whom served with 213 during the Second World War. The comprehensive index facilities research into the men behind these signatures. Included amongst these names, to mention but some, is LAC A. R. Henry who served from 1940 – 1943 and was one of the first of the wartime intake of tradesmen to arrive on the Squadron where he went on to serve as a Flight Mechanic (Airframe) ; Sgt., D. C. Usher who served in 1942 and is listed under the section heading ‘Western Desert, Syria, Cyprus and Egypt’ ; Fg., Off., Roy Garwood who served from 1943 – 1944 firstly in the Middle East and then as Flt., Lt., with The Balkans Air Force ; Flt., Sgt., Harry Howard who served in the Middle East (first as a Sgt) and then with The Balkans Air Force between 1944 and 1945 ; Leslie Robins, 1944 – 1945, who is described in the book as having been a very popular Adjutant ; Owen Jones who joined 213 Squadron from the South African Air Force and served from February to July, 1945, (the book also features a photograph taken by Owen Jones of a goods train in the Zagreb area carrying motor vehicles on 21 April 1945) ; Flt., Sgt., / Plt., Off., John T. Jennings who served from 1945 – 1947 in the Middle East and appears on eight pages in this book. Several of these names appear in the narrative as well as in the listings and they leave behind a unique record through their signatures.

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