Zuker-Bujanowska, Liliana.


1st ed., 1980. Viii + 162 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. The author’s childhood ended in 1939, the year the Nazis invaded Poland. Trapped with her family and other Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, the author saw her mother and grandparents taken away to a concentration camp. She survived only by luck and worked in a factory with her father until she was smuggled out of the ghetto by a friend. In 1943 she was married to a member of the Polish underground, only to be widowed a year later when her husband was killed in the Warsaw uprising. By this time her father, too, had been sent to a concentration camp. In 1944 she was sixteen and the only surviving member of her immediate family. She was seventeen when the Russians occupied Poland and she realized she would have to leave her country to make a new life for herself. This is the journal she wrote in 1946.

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