Judd, Donald, DSC.


Kimber, 204 pp., photo-ills., + maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The author vividly recalls his experiences as a Fleet Air Arm bomber pilot from 1940 until 1945. He carried out nearly a hundred operations over enemy territory, mostly aerial bombing sorties, both by day and night. The author's first posting was to the famous 826 Squadron in Egypt flying the Albacore. The squadron then supported the Eighth Army in its advance in the Western Desert, the subsequent retreat to El Alamein and the final expulsion of the enemy from North Africa. He then joined 845 Squadron to fly the new American carrier-based strike aircraft, the Grumman Avenger, in the Indian Ocean. He finally transferred to 849 Squadron as Senior Pilot continuing to fly Avengers from HMS VICTORIOUS. On the way to join the British Pacific Fleet the squadron took part in the two daylight attacks on the oil refineries at Palembang which were the biggest operations undertaken by the Fleet Air Arm in the war. The author was awarded the DSC for his part in these highly successful attacks.

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