Prebble, John.


Rep., 1981. 367 pp., 8 plates + 2 maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Small owner's name stamp to f.f.e.p., (blank) o/w FINE. Culloden is the story of a battle and of what followed, the destruction of a way of life and the persecution of a people. It is the story of the ordinary men and women involved in the Rebellion. Culloden recalls them by name and action, presenting the battle as it was for them, describing their life as fugitives in the glens or as prisoners in the gaols and hulks, their transportation to the Virginias or their deaths on the gallows at Kennington Common. This book is based on regimental Order Books and manuals, from contemporary newspapers and magazines, from the letters and memoirs of soldiers and officers, eye-witness accounts of atrocity and persecution, and the personal stories of the victims themselves. Illustrated with eight plates and two maps.

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