Pacific War Research Society.


Japan & USA, 1st Eng., lang., ed., 1968. 339 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 21 x 15cm. Spine of d.j., sunned o/w V.G.+. For one day in August 1945 while the world waited, Japan stumbled on the brink of an abyss, struggling to bring herself to face surrender – or annihilation. Military forces united in one last-ditch effort to stop the forces for peace; a battle that was to threaten even the life of the Emperor and to leave in doubt, up to the final minute, the broadcast that would tell the nation of the agonising decision to surrender. This is the story of those 24 hours. It is a story that can best be told by the Japanese themselves and so compiled by the pacific War Research Society a panel of distinguished Japanese authors and journalists carried out extensive research and interviews to reveal the facts. This English version is an accurate restatement of the original Japanese best-seller.

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