Hunt, Roger H. (Translated).


Madison, USA, 1st Eng., lang., ed., 1979. 123 pp., frontis., + a wealth of other photo-ills., + 1 map. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE. Privately Printed. This volume is a completely translated version of a propaganda study of the German SS Totenkopf Division in action. Little of the original has been altered, and all of the boasting and at times outrageous text has been reproduced in its entirety, in type resembling, as much as possible, that employed by the German editors. The book was first published by the SS Fuhrungshauptamt – the Operations Department of the SS – probably in 1942. It is a rare view of SS publicity, primarily on an information level, but possibly for recruitment purposes as well. Through the records of the Division in France in 1940, here then is a glimpse into the Nazi Schutzstaffel as it saw itself and wanted the German public to see it. The story of this unit is, in the main, the story of Theodor Eicke, SS-Obergruppenfuhrer and the commanding officer of the Division. Eicke, who appears in these pages from time to time, began his career in the SS as the second commandant of Dachau concentration camp. Later, as the war progressed, he grew to be one of the "Stars" of the Waffen-SS and was included in the inner circle of Hitler’s associates. This edition includes a new introduction and bibliography. A scarce publication. PRIVATELY PRINTED.

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