Cushner, Nicholas P. (Ed.).


Camden Fourth series, Volume 8, Royal Historical Society, University College London, 1st ed., 1971. Ix + 222 pp. Beige cloth, black & gilt spine; 22 x 14cm. FINE. The British conquest of Manila in 1762 took place during the Seven Years War and documents relating to this are principally found in English and Spanish archives. In particular there was one Spanish collection which had previously not been utilized and for the most part remained unpublished. One of the impressions that emerge from the Spanish documents is the complete surprise occasioned by the English announcement of war in Europe and an attack on Manila. Another impression is the relatively poor organization shown by the defenders of the city. The documents published in this volume are taken from various sources but preference has been given to material from a Jesuit collection in San Cugat which might be less accessible to scholars.

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