Thorburn, Gordon.


1st ed., 2006. Ix + 418 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. No. 9 Squadron RAF fought with Bomber Command in Europe all the way through the Second World War, taking part in all the major raids and big battles, pioneering and proving new tactics and equipment, producing several of the leading figures in the Great Escape, becoming one of the two specialised squadrons attacking precision targets with the Tallboy 12,000 pound bomb, (with which it was the first to hit the battleship TIRPITZ) and leading the final main-force raid, on Beerchtesgaden, on 25 April 1945. In fact, from first to last, the squadron's Wellington aircraft and crews were the first to hit the enemy, the first to get into a dogfight, the first to shoot down an enemy aircraft, and the first to be shot down by one. This is the story of the war seen through the eyes of the men who flew with No. 9 Squadron and the men and women who supported them.

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