Taylor, John W. R. (Ed.).


Ian Allan, 1st ed., thus, 1974. 129 pp., numerous photo-ills., some cold. D.j., 24 x 18cm. V.G.+. A host of acclaimed aviation author’s contribute to this 1975 edition of Aircraft annual, in its 25th year of publication. It includes articles that look back in history to the forgotten flights of flying-boat travel, the Gee Bee’s that won many of America’s National Air Races in the ‘thirties, the inside story of the most exciting bygone flying displays, a World War I bomber pilot recalling his first flight in a Wright biplane, and a list of places showing aircraft flown by First World War flying aces. Other articles deal with more contemporary issues such as details of ‘new’ swing-wing bombers that were to spearhead the attack groups of the US and Soviet Air Forces, of the importance of in-flight fuelling to modern air forces, and of spectacular lightweight fighters then flying in America. Perhaps most interesting, given a degree of hindsight, are the articles that look to the future predicting a time when civil airliners will fly two or three times faster than Concorde, and of the MRCA expected to form the backbone of the future RAF with the forecast that if the MRCA is cancelled then the RAF will almost cease to exist.

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