NO. 5 BOMBER GROUP R.A.F. (1939-1945).

Lawrence, W. J.


1st ed., 1951. 253 pp., 19 photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 15cm. V.G. This is an important and popular history of No. 5 Bomber Group RAF during the Second World War. By the end of this conflict No. 5 was a striking force equipped with Lancasters which developed precision bombing to ultimate accuracy and became known for highly individual tactics and a spirit of enterprise and entertainment all of its own. Beginning with the first days of Bomber Command and No. 5 Group, this book traces the operational history of No. 5 and includes descriptions of the Battle of France, strategic bombing on Germany, the Battle of the Atlantic – the SCHARNHORST and the GNEISENAU – photographic reconnaissance, first operation by Lancasters, Cologne, Essen and Bremen, day and night attacks, training, campaign against U-boats, ‘Operation Chastise’ Battle of the Ruhr, the invasion of Normandy, mine-laying, new bombing techniques, D-Day, the TIRPITZ, and many other incidents. A sought-after history of No. 5 Bomber Group in World War II.

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