Larrazabal, Jesus Salas.


1st Eng., ed., 1974. 371 pp., several photo-plates + 14 maps. D.j., 23 x 15cm. FINE. The author of this book has given particular emphasis to the part played by aviation in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39, but in doing so has opened a door through which we may catch a glimpse of some of the grim realities facing the opposing factions. This alone is sufficient to make the book highly readable. More significant, however, is the fact that it was during this period in Spain’s history that the Luftwaffe experimented with the Blitzkrieg techniques which, in the early days of the Second World War, were to make the German war machine seem invincible. The author tells this story in fascinating detail, giving life to the hard-fought campaigns of the late ‘thirties through the eyes and reminiscences of many who took an active role in the fighting.

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