Jackson, G. G.


1st ed., 1931. 288 pp., cold., frontis., + 7 other cold., plates + 54 photo-plates. Cloth; gilt ill., & title; 20 x 14cm. Spine faded with some damp to front cover but contents clean & bright; binding o/w GOOD & contents V.G. Published in 1931, chapters cover: First Efforts Towards Flight. The Evolution of the Balloon. From Balloon to Airship. The First Airships. The Story of the Zeppelins. The Airship of To-day. First Attempts at Gliding. The Modern Glider. The Splendid Pioneers. The Beginning of the Aeroplane. The Aeroplane Arrives. Some Modern Aircraft. The Seaplane and Flying-boat. The RAF and its Aircraft. Aircraft and the Navy. Guardians of the Air. The Sporting Contests. Things that Matter in the Aeroplane. Aircraft at Work. Airways and Airports. Inland Airways. The South African Airway. The Atlantic Airway. Epic Flights. British Airwomen. Australia and Air Conquest. Looking Ahead! This book is generously illustrated with 54 photographs and 8 strikingly coloured plates.

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