Held, Werner.


1st ed., 1979. 224 pp., photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 24 x 21cm. FINE. With over 500 photographs, this is a dramatic history of the German day-fighter arm from its clandestine beginnings in 1933 to its disbandment in 1945. Seen through the lens of German war photographers, it depicts the Luftwaffe in action during each theatre of war, including: The Spanish Civil War, The Polish Campaign, Battle of the German Bight, The ‘Phoney’ War and the Battle of France, The Battle of Britain and the Blitz, The ‘Channel Dash’ of SCHARNHORST and GNEISENAU, North Africa and the Mediterranean, The Soviet Campaign and The Defence of the Reich. In order to put the photographs into perspective, every section begins with general background information relevant to the period.

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