Davies, R. E. G.


Putnam, rep., 1982. Xiv + 746 pp., frontis., + photo-ills., + maps. D.j., 21 x 14cm. Spine of d.j., faded o/w FINE. Every development in American airline progress is covered in this outstanding and highly sought-after book. There are chapters on the exploratory pioneer days before the Air Mail Act of 1925, the adventurous years of the late 1920's and early 1930's, the Air Mail Scandal of 1934, and the era of the DC-3 and Boeing's 247, culminating in the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938, and the establishment of the nucleus of the airline industry of today. There are chapters on all the main categories of airlines, Trunks, Local Service, International, Supplemental, All-Cargo, and of the US overseas territories. The historical development of routes, fleets, and fortunes of every airline, large or small ' including the Third Level, Air Taxi, or Commuter Airlines'are dealt with in interesting detail. The interplay between individual initiative, government regulation and control, the role of factors such as competition, international policy, and public opinion, all find a place in this airline story. Not least is the development of the modern airliner up to the 350-ton flying leviathans such as the Boeing 747. The progress and contribution made by the aircraft manufacturers in providing the tools of the airline trade is given full emphasis, and illustrated by almost 500 photographs which alone provide a fascinating story. This second printing was produced in response to popular demand and it contains updated information but still this title remains difficult to acquire.

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