Cooksley, Peter G.


1st ed., 1979. 208 pp., 31 photo-plates + 24 diagrams. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. The tale of the flying bomb and rocket attacks on Great Britain and parts of the Continent during the summer of 1944 is examined properly here for the first time. Also revealed is the way the Robot Age was conceived long before Hitler's Germany, and how the final realization made possible a new Battle of Britain. The work of the Royal Observer Corps, the fire brigades, the police and the Salvation Army is recounted here, with that of the RAF, already stretched to support the Normandy landings. Also detailed are the muddles and conspiracies at high level on both sides, but clearly shown is the ability of the British to have the right man at the helm in times of need. Surprisingly, America also flirted with the idea of a flying bomb and the development and trial of it, in addition to the Nazis' attempts to adapt theirs as a suicide weapon, are also covered in some detail. Appendices include an investigation into the markings and colour schemes of the weapons and a list of examples which have survived in collections throughout the world. Illustrated with photos and charts.

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