Chant, Christopher.


Yeovil, 1st ed., 1984. 56 pp., numerous cold., photo-plates + b&w photo-ills., + ills. Laminated boards; 27 x 21cm. FINE. The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 was built in greater numbers than any other warplane of the period since the Second World War, although when it first entered service with the Soviet air forces in the late 1950's it was dismissed as a useful but highly limited clear-weather Interceptor. Since then it has been transformed into an extremely useful multi-role fighter, capable of limited all-weather operations. Given improved avionics (including radar) and much-enhanced weapons capability it helped the USSR to promote the growth of Soviet influence by exporting the MiG-21 at exceptionally advantageous terms. Here is a history of the MiG-21.

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