Bowyer, Chaz.


Kimber, 1st ed., 1987. 288 pp., 150 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 15cm. FINE. Conceived as a hybrid design to fulfil the RAF’s vital need for a long-range fighter, the Beaufighter emerged as the most heavily-armed fighter of any type used by the RAF from 1940 until the late 1950’s. During the Second World War it served as night fighter, day fighter, ground-strafer, anti-shipping strike and torpedo-bomber, reconnaissance ‘eye’, air-jungle rescue searcher, target-tower, and many other minor roles. Nearly 6,000 Beaufighters were produced and they equipped at least 77 squadrons of the RAF and Commonwealth air forces, apart from service with several post-war foreign air services. This authoritative book traces the full origins and development of the Beaufighter and records the design’s splendid service in every Command. It contains plentiful personal crew experiences and opinions and is illustrated with 150 photographs.

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