Baker, David.


1st Eng., ed., 1996. 316 pp., photo & other plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Adolf Galland was the most famous German fighter pilot of World War II with over 100 air-to-air victories in the West. His combat career took him from open-cockpit biplanes in the Spanish Civil War, through command of a wing of Messerschmitt Bf109’s in the fiercest fighting of the Battle of Britain, to leadership of a unique "aces’ squadron" flying the world’s first jet fighters against impossible odds in the last weeks of the war. He became the recipient of Hitler’s private musings, and the fearless champion of the fighting pilots against the ranting disloyalty of Goering; but in the end his refusal to compromise brought dismissal, and an investigation by the Gestapo – his life or death resting on one telephone call. An outstanding life.

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