Adamson, Hans Christian.


New York, 1st ed., 1946. 308 pp., photo & other plates. D.j., 22 x 15cm. V.G.+. This is the biography of one of America’s greatest heroes to return from the First World War. From his career as an automobile racer, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker rose to fame as Ace of American Aces in World War I. His refusal to capitalise on his position after the war; his speaking tour for Henry van Dyke’s French Fund; his business career with the Rickenbacker Car Company; his operational activities in developing and improving the Eastern Air Lines; his narrow escape from death in the Atlanta crash – all clearly show how his entire life built up toward the valour and idealism which made it possible for him to be the chief sustaining spirit to his companions wrecked and afloat on the raft in the Pacific. The author, who was one of those companions, thus wrote this early post-war biography with authority.

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