Vaughan-Thomas, Wynford.


3rd imp., 1961. Xii + 243 pp., photo & other plates + maps & plans. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Owner's stamp; a little wear to spine of d.j., o/w V.G. On 22 January 1944 British and American troops carried out a daring move in Italy designed to break the deadlock that had lasted there for three months – a landing at Anzio, far behind the German lines. It took the enemy completely by surprise; there was no opposition, the road to Rome lay open, the destruction of the German army on the Gustav Line seemed assured. Four months later the Allied invaders were still there, penned in and continuously subjected to a murderous fire resulting in heavy casualties and low morale. What had gone wrong? In this most vivid book the BBC war correspondent who was on the beach-head the whole time tells the full story of the Anzio campaign. He has interspersed the narrative with his own personal impressions and has drawn upon numerous sources including assistance from the Commander of the British 1st Division, General Penney.

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