Trevor-Roper, H. R. (Ed.).


1st Eng. lang. ed., 1964. Xxvii + 229 pp., e.p., maps + 4 other maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. D.j. rubbed o/w V.G.+. Throughout the Second World War Hitler issued a series of directives controlling the strategy of the German Armed Forces and, in many cases, giving detailed instructions about the way in which it was to be put into practice. This extremely important series of documents has not previously been collected into one volume in the English language, and it provides a unique insight both into Hitler’s own view of the war and also into the astonishing personal control which he exercised over the German war effort. The author explains how the directives fit into Hitler’s chain of command and what, from Hitler’s perspective, was the purpose of the action which they were intended to direct. He also provides a linking commentary between the directives so they can be read in the context of the war itself. A historically important book.

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