Trevelyan, Raleigh.


3rd imp., 1956. 221 pp., map + 2 ills. Blue cloth; 22 x 14cm. V.G. The first landings at Anzio were on 22nd January, 1944 when the author was in Algiers. During February the Germans tried to oust the Allies from the Beachhead resulting in heavy losses on both sides and forcing the British and Americans to retreat as far as was possible. However, by March 1st it was obvious that the Germans had accepted they had failed and their drive rapidly petered out. The author was sent to Anzio on 2nd March to join the battalion of a regiment different to his own who were serving as reinforcements. Within 24 hours the author was at a place nicknamed The Fortress, one of the key decisive positions in the Beachhead and the nearest to Rome. He was a subaltern, aged twenty, who had never before been in action and this is his diary of Anzio and after.

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