Mortimer, Gerald.


Worcester, 1st ed., 1993. X + 222 pp., photo-plates + 11 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Never a Shot in Anger, as the title implies, is the story of the author's contribution to the British Army in World War II. The author was commissioned in the Royal Engineers in June 1940 and promoted to Major in 1942. He was put in charge of the planning and supply of airfield construction materials and all other engineer stores for the British and Canadian forces for the first fortnight of the 'Overlord' landings in Normandy. Continuing with the Second Army, he was involved with all the major river crossings of north-west Europe, including the Arnhem campaign. He was present at Luneberg to see the Germans surrendering and was, in fact, the first member of the western occupying forces to get into Berlin. He was awarded the MBE (Military) in 1944 for his 'Overlord' services. This book documents in detail the building of 'Bailey' pontoon bridges, and 'rafting' vehicles across rivers throughout Europe. The author's maps show, amongst other campaigns, the plan for the Battle of Normandy, the famous Falaise Gap, the 'Battle of the Bulge', and the final battle from the Rhine to Denmark. A testimony to the skills of the Engineers.

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