Jeapes, Colonel Tony.


Kimber, 1st ed., 1980. 247 pp., 21 photo-plates + 4 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The author commanded the first full SAS squadron in Dhofar, the rebellious region of Oman, in 1971 and returned there as SAS regimental commander in 1974 until the end of the war in 1976. This is the story of the part played by the squadrons of the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment in the Dhofar War. The SAS were called in to support the Sultan of Oman’s armed forces in their campaign against a Communist armed insurrection. The task was not to obliterate the enemy but to persuade them to join the Government’s side and at the same time win over the support of the civilians of the Jebel Dhofar. This is the story of the SAS troopers who gave or risked their lives to ensure that the free world’s oil continued to flow.

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