Harvey, Basil.


1st ed., 1975. Xiii + 130 pp., 25 photo & other plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Front cover leaning slightly o/w V.G.+. From its beginnings as an ‘Experimental Corps of Riflemen’ in 1800, the Rifle Brigade was unique. While other regiments used the musket, it was armed with the rifle; while others wore the red coat, its men wore jackets of green; while others marched in column, its training emphasized speed of movement allowing flexibility. As the 95th, the Regiment won renown under Wellington in the Peninsular War, and after Waterloo the 2nd Battalion led the triumphal entry into Paris. By an order in 1816, the 95th was removed from the numbered Regiments of the Line to be styled the Rifle Brigade, the only instance such a distinction has been conferred on a Regiment. Harvey recalls the history of this noble regiment throughout further campaigns including the Crimea, Indian Mutiny, Ashantee War, Afghan War, Third Burmese War, South Africa, both World Wars and beyond, during which time no less than twenty-seven Victoria Crosses were won by members of the Regiment.

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