Haley, Arthur H, (Ed.).


Liverpool, n.d., (c. 1980's / 90's.) 119 pp., map + 11 ills. Pict. boards; 22 x 15cm. FINE. In September 1779 Innes Munro, a junior officer in a newly raised Highland Regiment, (71st Foot), began the correspondence he had promised a friend to inform him and entertain him with what life was like in India. In his first two letters he describes the outward voyage with stops at Madeira and Cape Town. In the next seven he gives his impressions of the exotic scenes and events he witnessed in and around Madras. Munro reveals the complex relationship between British and Indians in the early days of the Raj; how the servants pitted their wits against their masters; how they held secret meetings where each imitated the pomposity of his master for the amusement of their fellows. Munro also comments on the movements of his Regiment during this time and in Letter XIII he gives an excellent description of an Indian Army on the move.

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