Griffith, Paddy.


1st ed., 1998. 304 pp., 1 photo + several other plates + 31 maps, plans & diagrams + 26 tables. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. This brilliant new book reveals how the French revolutionary armies were able to achieve ultimate success over the armies of Austria, Prussia, Britain and Spain whilst simultaneously fighting a bitter civil war. Covering the diverse and rich period from the Fall of the Bastille to the Peace of Amiens, this authoritative work throws new light on the character, strengths and weaknesses of the French armies and the merits and performance of their generals during the large-scale and hard-fought battles of the period. With chapters on army organisation, operations in the various theatres of war, the navy, the Representatives on Mission, the Government's relationship with the armies, the armies in battle and the important personalities of the period ' such as Dumouriez, Jourdan, Hoche and Carnot ' this book is a superb and wide-ranging insight into a key turning point in warfare.

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