Collier, Richard.


1st ed., 1979. 258 pp., 16 pp., of photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The author vividly brings to life the events of the year 1940: the Battle of Britain, Dunkirk, and the London blitz. As well as recounting the major episodes he also spotlights little-known characters. There is Rene de Chambrun, a young French infantry officer serving in the Maginot Line who finds himself dispatched to the White House to plead his country’s cause after the Fall of France. Through the eyes of Captain Molders of the Luftwaffe we see the Germans’ incredulity when Hitler’s decision not to invade England may well have lost him the whole war. With Otto Kretschmer we observe the Battle of the Atlantic Convoys through the periscope of a U-boat – along with a harrowing account of sinking the City of Benares, the last liner bound for Canada full of British child evacuees.

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