Reynolds, Clark G.


Time-Life, Alexandria, Virginia, Revised ed., (4th printing),1987. 176 pp., profusely illustrated with b7w photographs & cold. drawings & paintings. Blue speckled decorated cloth with cold. picture mounted to front cover; silver lettering. 29 x 23cm. FINE. The author begins with a brief description of the early days of naval aviation and its limited role during the First World War, before describing in depth the carrier operations of WWII chiefly in the Pacific. Profusely illustrated with photographs and coloured detailed drawings of naval aircraft and paintings of carrier attacks, the book is divided into five chapters : Wings for the world's navies. Blunting the Japanese onslaught. Turning point at Midway. Collisions on the road to Tokyo. And "We wish for the best place after death". An attractively produced book. PICTORIAL ACCOUNT OF THE CARRIER WAR IN THE PACIFIC DURING WWII.

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