Pay, John. & Till, Geoffrey (Eds.).


1st.ed., 1990. Xv + 316 pp. Pict. laminated boards. 23 x 15cm. FINE. A series of essays written by distinguished experts in the field of naval strategy including - Bryan Ranft, A. D. Baker III, Ian McGeoch, Norman Friedman, Eric Grove, and Richard Hill – this book examining the role of naval forces in the post cold-war era. Divided into three parts, Part I Foreign and Defence Policy of the Superpowers examines the future of US and Soviet defence policy. Part II Maritime Strategy of the Superpowers looks at developments in Soviet naval strategy, the problems and prospects for the American and Russian navies 1990-2010, and arms control at sea. Part III The European Dimension looks at the INF Treaty and the future of NATO (lessons from the 1960s), and the problems and prospects of European fleets – including that of the Royal Navy. THE FUTURE OF EAST-WEST NAVAL STRATEGY AS VIEWED OVER 20 YEARS AGO.

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