Muir, Malcolm.


Poole, &c., 1st.ed., 1987. 160 pp., 175 photo-ills + maps & drawings. D.j., 25 x 19cm. FINE. A history of the longest-lived and last class of battleship in active service ' the four giants of the Iowa class ' the largest and most powerful battleships ever built apart from the Japanese MUSASHI and YAMATO. The author describes both the wartime and peacetime careers of these four American battleships including actions during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He also examines their design, construction, equipment and weapons ' and explains why they were still in service in 1987, long after other nations had given them up as obsolete. One of their number went on to fire its powerful guns in the first Gulf War. Illustrated with 175 photographs plus maps and drawings. THE LAST BATTLESHIPS IN ACTIVE SERVICE ' THE US NAVY'S IOWA CLASS.

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