Brassey. (T. A. Brassey, Ed.).


Portsmouth, 1st.ed., 1903. Xxxiv + 534 pp., guarded frontis., + 10 other photo-plates, (1 fldg.) 10 plans of dockyards, etc., a diagram & 82 plates of line drawings. Blue cloth; gilt; neatly re-backed. 25 x 16cm. V.G.+. Bookplate (1904) of the Cadets’ Library, Royal Naval College, Osborne. Brassey’s celebrated Naval Annual was founded in 1886 and they provide a tremendous wealth of detailed information on the fleets of the period. This 1903 issue has articles on the Progress of the British and Foreign Navies, Comparative Strengths, Submarine Cables, Naval Works, and Marine Engineering. Also Foreign Naval Manoeuvres, British Manoeuvres in the Mediterranean, Armour, Guns and Projectiles, and Various Naval Experiments. There is also a study of Naval Training, and the Naval Estimates for Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the USA and other powers are examined. There is also a look at the Draft Agreement between Britain, the Commonwealth of Australia and the Colony of New Zealand. Plus many other aspects of the Edwardian Navy and foreign fleets of the period. Illustrated with photographs, plans and drawings. Contributors include John Leyland, Carlyon Bellairs, J. R. Thursfield, and Admiral Sir Vesey Hamilton. AN EARLY EDWARDIAN ISSUE OF BRASSEY’S NAVAL ANNUAL. OSBORNE NAVAL COLLEGE COPY.

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