Apps, Lt.Cmdr. Michael.


1st.ed., 1971. 270 pp., 37 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The fighting career of the WWII aircraft carrier HMS VICTORIOUS which was laid down before the conflict began and fought in a wide variety of theatres. She was taken out of commission in 1968 after a useful and active life. VICTORIOUS played an important role in the struggle to save Malta, she escorted convoys on the notorious route to Murmansk, and went East to join the British Pacific Fleet during the final stages of the war against Japan where she survived repeated kamikaze attacks. Even after the war she was briefly in action off Malaya and Kuwait. Other wartime actions included the hunt and chase of the BISMARCK and the invasion of North Africa. Illustrated with 37 photographs. THE CAREER OF A BRITISH WARTIME AIRCRAFT CARRIER.

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