West, Kenneth.


Putnam, 1st ed., 1978. Viii + 147 pp., frontis., + photo-ills. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. The Captive Luftwaffe records the German aircraft which came into British hands throughout World War II and immediately after the war. It deals mainly with those aircraft which were shot-down or force-landed in the UK, landed there in error, or were deliberately flown there; and interesting types ' such as the early turbine or rocket-powered aircraft ' which were captured in Europe in the closing stages of the war or immediately after the fighting ceased. Over sixty basic types of aircraft are described, and details given of how they came into Allied possession. The captured aircraft provided valuable information, and enabled tactics to be evolved for dealing with these types in combat. The author tells something about the Royal Aircraft Establishment and of No. 1426 (Enemy Aircraft Flight) and the men who flew these 'captives,' and includes some of their log-book reports. SCARCE.

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